an incomplete list:

2024-05-17 liner notes for Joëlle Léandre and Lauren Newton Great Star Theater, San Francisco (Other Minds)

2019-10-10 a short interview with Nick Millevoi about his new album Streets of Philadelphia for freejazzblog.

2019-09-30 a review of J. Pavone’s String Ensemble’s Brick & Mortar for freejazzblog.

2019-06-11 Album of the Day: Masayuki Takayanagi’s April is the Cruellest Month for Bandcamp

2019-06-01 a review of Loren Connors & Daniel Carter’s The Departing of a Dream vol. VII for freejazzblog

2019-01-25 liner notes for Participant’s Ex Continent album on Anòmia.

2018-12-11 Vaccinated with a Phonograph Needle, on Jerry Hunt for The Brooklyn Rail

2018-11-16 review of Adam Hopkins’ Crickets for freejazzblog

2018-10-16 On Barre Phillips + some thoughts on the solo double bass album for Burning Ambulance

2018-10-06 contributor to envelop/p/e issue no. 1 a bilingual collaborative zine

2018-07-27 liner notes for Jerry Hunt’s from “Ground” on Other Minds Records

2018-07-07 Review of two new albums from Erik Carlson for freejazzblog

2018-06-07 Review of Barre Phillips & Motoharu Yoshizawa’s Oh My, Those Boys! for freejazzblog

2018-05-23 Review of Dave Holland, Evan Parker, Craig Taborn, & Ches Smith’s Uncharted Territories for freejazzblog

2018-04-06 Beckett & Music: An Interview with John McGrath on his new book Samuel Beckett, Repetition and Modern Music for Burning Ambulance

2018-04-03 Rafiq Bhatia: Designing Sounds That Contain Multitudes for The Log Journal

2018-03-28 Review of Tom Wheatley’s Double Bass for freejazzblog

2018-03-09 Review of Andrew Lisle & Alex Ward’s Doors for freejazzblog

2018-01-28 Review of Quin Kirchner’s The Other Side of Time for freejazzblog

2018-01-18 Julius Eastman: A Radical Legacy Celebrated at the Kitchen for The Log Journal

2018-01-15 Review of Mark Dresser’s Modicana for freejazzblog

2017-10-25 An Interview with Tony Levin for IndyWeek

2017-09-21 “Self-Sufficient Sound” on Roland Kayn’s A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound for Van

2017-09-13 “Daniel Levin” for IndyWeek

2017-07-11 Review of William Parker’s Meditation/Resurrection for freejazzblog

2017-05-05 On the vinyl reissue of Dave Holland’s Conference of the Birds for burningambulance

2017-04-30 Review of Dominic Lash Quartet’s Extremophile for freejazzblog

2017-04-10 “Beyond the Grandiose and Seductive” an interview with Marie Thompson on her new book “Beyond Unwanted Sound” for Sounding Out!

2017-04-04 Review of Musica Elettronica Viva’s Symphony No. 106 for freejazzblog

2017-03-24 Review of William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio’s Bass Duo for freejazzblog

2017-03-16 “Liquid Modernity” an interview with Tim Rutherford-Johnson about his new book “Music After the Fall” for Van

2017-03-08 Review of Message to Our Folks: The Art Ensemble of Chicago by Paul Steinbeck for freejazzblog.

2017-02-02 “Restless Minimalism: Lexical Music and the Text-Sound Compositions of Charles Amirkhanian” for Music & Literature

2017-02-02 Review of Paul Dunmall’s I Look At You for freejazzblog

2017-01-17 Review of Sirene 1009 for freejazzblog

2017-01-05 Review of Free Jazz, Harmolodics, & Ornette Coleman by Stephen Rush for burningambulance

2017-01-04 Review of A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism by Paul Youngquist for freejazzblog

2016-12-13 Review of Away With You the new album from the Mary Halvorson Octet for freejazzblog

2016-11-19 Review of Sedimental You the new album from the Mark Dresser Seven for freejazzblog

2016-10-27 “Nonfictional Music” a conversation with Jennie Gotschalk on her new book “Experimental Music Since 1970” for Van

2016-10-26 Review of Psychic Armour the new album from Paul G. Smyth & Chris Corsano for burningambulance

2016-10-13 Review of two new albums from Angharad Davies for freejazzblog

2016-09-15 “Synthesis” an interview with Carl Stone about his new 3xLP compilation of electronic works from the 1970s & 1980s on Unseen Worlds for Van

2016-09-14 Review of Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain V for freejazzblog

2016-09-07 Review of Okkyung Lee & Bill Orcutt’s Live at Cafe Oto LP for freejazzblog

2016-08-21 Review of Roscoe Mitchell’s Sustain and Run for freejazzblog

2016-08-08 “Scores on the Sidewalk” on Julius Eastman and the Frozen Reeds label release of Eastman’s 1974 composition Femenine for Van. Also available in German

2016-07-12 Review of From Music to Silence to Music a biography of Henry Grimes by Barbara Frenz for freejazzblog

2016-06-29 Review of Tyshawn Sorey’s The Inner Spectrum of Variables for burningambulance

2016-05-31 Review of Ivo Perelman’s Breaking Point for freejazzblog

2016-05-22 On Wadada Leo Smith’s notes (8 pieces) source a new world music: creative music for freejazzblog

2016-05-09 On the Weekertoft label’s new boxset Making Rooms for burningambulance

2016-03-29 Review of A Listener’s Guide to Free Improvisation by John Corbett for burningambulance