2024: Tamarisk Comes From Far Away From Here (Notice Recordings)

2024: Mike Shiflet Tetracosa Ensemble, Volumes 5-8

2024: Tamarisk House of the People, Property is Theft (Editions Glomar)

2023: Lynn Book & David Menestres Mustered from the compilation You Better Mind: Southeastern Songs to Stop Copy City

2023: Tamarisk Plays a Word for Wind (Astral Editions)

2023: Polyorchard scree/n (Tripticks Tapes)

2022: Tamarisk Plays a Word for Sun (Waveform Alphabet)

2022: Eugene Chadbourne, David Licht, Dan Blacksberg, David Menestres “The September 11 Concert: In Memory of a Memory” (House of Chadula)

2022: Jil Christensen, David Menestres, Will Redman piano trio” (Sensitive Discs)

2022: Eugene Chadbourne, Jeb Bishop, David Licht, Jim McHugh, David Menestres Cackalacky Massakree – Live at The Stone (House of Chadula)

2022: Eugene Chadbourne & David Menestres Children (House of Chadula)

2021: Polyorchard An Excess of Primary Forms (Out & Gone Music)

2020: Steven Landis, David Menestres, Jonathan Wall Polaristic Pictorials (Out & Gone Music)

2020: Andrew Weathers & David Menestres self-titled (Lurker Bias)

2020: Jason Bivins & David Menestres Rip Current (Out & Gone Music)

2020: Andrew Weathers Ensemble A Thousand Birds in the Earth, A Thousand Birds in the Sky (Full Spectrum)

2020: Cyanotype Birdsongs of the Necromancer (Out & Gone Music)

2020: Polyorchard Ink (Out & Gone Music)

2020: Eugene Chadbourne Ayler’s Children (House of Chadula)

2019: Polyorchard Black Mountain (Out & Gone Music)

2019: Polyorchard Sommian (Out & Gone Music)

2018: Polyorchard sextet | quintet (Out & Gone Music)

2018: El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan (Thodol Records), part of the ongoing Quadrilatere series.

2017: Polyorchard Red October (Out & Gone Music)

2017: Eugene Chadbourne et. al. Live at On Pop of the Word Studios (vols 1-3) (House of Chadula)

2017: Eugene Chadbourne et. al International Wonders of Weird Songbook (House of Chadula)

2016: Quadrilatere Volume 3 (Thodol Records)

2015: Polyorchard Color Theory in Black and White (Out & Gone Music)

2014: Eugene Chadbourne et al. New Directions in Appalachian Music (House of Chadula)

2013: Eugene Chadbourne et al. Bugs: Insect and Western Party – The Neptune’s Parlour Series Volume One & Two (2013) (House of Chadula)

2006: Frank Gratkowski, Dave Fox, David Menestres, Ian Davis ORM (Assembled Sound)

2006: Ben Lee, Michael Collings, David Menestres, Ian Davis – the Scarf  (Big Cream Records)

2005: Michael Thomas Jacksonchronicles O.N.E: Free Improvised Chamber Music 2003-2004 (Primecuts Prime #41)

2004: Dave Fox Group Gatewalk (Assembled Sound)