waveform alphabet

a publishing concern

waveformalphabet at gmail dot com

open call for submissions:

Looking for additional projects to release in 2024.

Open to sound, language, visual work, light, code, &c.

Very much interested in idiosyncratic work regardless of medium. And manifestos. And sound poetry. And manifestos about sound/poetry.

No fascists.
Queers always welcome.
Please share with like minded freaks & geeks everywhere.

(No vinyl. Ever. Lol.)

Currently available:

wa005 – Jessica Ackerley, Yuma Uesaka, Colin Hinton Petting Zoo

wa004 – The Names The Alte M√ľntze Sessions

wa003 – Decuma Let’s Play Pretend

wa002 – Andrew Raffo Dewar, John Hughes, Chad Popple Reflejos IV-VII

wa001 – Tamarisk Plays A Word for Sun