Partial Discography

2017: Polyorchard Red October

2016: Quadrilatere Volume 3

2015: Polyorchard Color Theory in Black and White

2006: Gratkowski/Fox/Menestres/Davis ORM

2006: Ben Lee, Michael Collings, David Menestres, Ian Davis – the Scarf – Big Cream Records

2005: Michael Thomas Jacksonchronicles O.N.E: Free Improvised Chamber Music 2003-2004 – Primecuts Prime #41

2004: Dave Fox Group Gatewalk


With Eugene Chadbourne (a very partial list):

International Wonder of Weird Songbook (2017)

New Directions in Appalachian Music (2014)

Bugs: Insect and Western Party – The Neptune’s Parlour Series Volume One (2013)

available from eugenechadbourne.com