tone science 260

1. Boss Redux – Chicago/London Underground – A Night Walking Through Mirrors – 2017

2. Mixed mixed – Dominic Lash Quartet – Extremophile – 2017
3. Harpoon (First) – Sult + Lasse Marhaug – Harpoon – 2017

4. Chimanzzi (Olun): core – Jerry Hunt – Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams – 1992
5. Torrent (2016) – for string quartet, 2 pianos and 2 percussion – Alex Mincek – Torrent -2017

6. Requiem for Charlie Haden/Prayer for Wadud – Hear in Now – Not Living in Fear – 2017
7. Illistrum – Art Ensemble of Chicago – Fanfare for the Warriors – 1974

8. To Heap – Achim Kaufmann & Ollie Brice – Of Tides – 2017

originally broadcast May 21, 2017

tone science 259

1. It Should Have Happened A Long Time Ago – Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan – Small Town – 2017

2. komposition für streichquartett 2 (1997-1999) – Jakob Ullmann/Pellegrini Quartet – Fremde Zeit – Addendum – 2012

3. Streichquartett Nr. 1 – Georg Friedrich Hass/Kairos Quartett – Streichquartette 1 und 2 – 2004

4. Kid Ailack – Jason Kahn – For Voice – 2015

Originally broadcast May 7, 2017

tone science 258

1. Bare Bones – DownTown Ensemble/Mary Jane Leach – Downtown Only – 2002
2. Egoes War – Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds – 2017

3. Four Moons of Pluto – James Ilgenfritz/Miya Masaoka – Origami Cosmos – 2017
4. IV – William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio – Bass Duo – 2017

5. Seatbelt Seatbelt (1973) – Charles Amirkhanian – Lexical Music – 1980
6. Shibucho (1984) – Carl Stone – Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties – 2016

7. Fizzle 1-5 – Barry Guy – Five Fizzles for Samuel Beckett – 2014
8. B-LOW UP (2009-2010) – Klangforum Wien/Ondřej Adámek – ¿Vorwärts | Rückwärts? – 2010

9. Invisible Light: Earth Seen From Above/Rite of Passage B – Meredith Monk – Atlas – 1993

originally broadcast on April 30, 2017

tone science 257

1. II – William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio – Bass Duo – 2017

2. Glaive – Ballister – Slag – 2016

3. Sanctuary – Andrew Cyrille Quartet – Declaration of Musical Independence – 216
4. Fire of Publicity – Chris Cobilis with Kenneth Goldsmith And Spektral Quartet – This Is You – 2016
5. Phoneme Dance in Memoriam John Cage – Jackson Mac Low – Open Secrets – 2004
6. Ffansi | Fancy II – Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji – Ffansïon | Fancies – 2016

7. Galaxy 9 – Whit Dickey, Mat Maneri, Matthew Shipp – Vessel in Orbit – 2017
8. One More Time 1 – Steve Lacy & Joëlle Léandre – One More Time – 2005

9. Journey to Satchindananda – Alice Coltrane – World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane – 2017

Originally broadcast on April 23, 2017

The Exsufflation Series #3: Polyorchard + Jack Wright

For the third edition of the Exsufflation Series at The Carrack on May 16th, we will be joined by special guests! The legendary Jack Wright (saxophone), Zachary Darrup (guitar), & Patrick Crossland (trombone) will be joining David Menestres (bass) & Dan Ruccia (viola) for an evening of free improvisation. Music starts at 8pm. Donations suggested. BYOB


On May 17th, the quartet of Jack Wright, Zachary Darrup, Patrick Crossland, and David Menestres will be performing at Neptunes Parlour. Doors at 8pm, Music at 9pm. $8

The Exsufflation Series #2: Those of the Gray Wind

The second concert in the ongoing Exsufflation Series will happen April 18th at The Carrack (947 E. Main St., Durham). Polyorchard will be performing my new composition “Those of the Gray Wind,” very loosely based on the book of the same name by naturalist Paul A. Johnsgard, notated completely with concrete poetry techniques. The music starts at 8pm. The event is free and open to all. BYOB.

Polyorchard will be Jason Bivins, Jil Christiansen, Laurent Estoppey, Bill McConaghy, David Menestres, & Charles Phaneuf.

Duo version of Collapss (Laurent Estoppey & Steve Landis) open with video work by Emily Aiken.

Photo of Polyorchard at the first Exsufflation concert March 21,2017. Laurent Estoppey, Shawn Galvin, Charles Phaneuf, & David Menestres. Photo by Emily Leon.


Polyorchard at Glenwood Books

Polyorchard plays a rare daylight gig at Glenwood Books in Greensboro (1212 Grove St.) on Saturday April 15 at 4pm, part of the Perciever of Sound League monthly series.

Polyorchard will be Laurent Estoppey, Bill McConaghy, David Menestres, Michael Thomas Jackson, and member of ensemBle baBel from Switzerland.


The Exsufflation Series at The Carrack


the action of breathing forth or blowing; this action used as an exorcism in some rites of baptism

Polyorchard is pleased to announce The Exsufflation Series, a new monthly residency at The Carrack in Durham. Following on the heels of the successful monthly Free Improvised Tuesday series, The Exsufflation Series will focus on the grey area that Polyorchard has been mining for the last four years: the intersection of jazz, classical, & experimental traditions. In addition to free improvisation, the repertoire will be drawn from all manners of music with a special focus on spontaneous compositions from the ensemble, commissioning new works from members of Polyorchard and from other composers around the world, and selections from the repertoire of late twentieth/twenty-first century classical music.

The first date in the series, March 21, marks the first Polyorchard performance in NC since May of 2015. Performers for March 21 will include:

Laurent Estoppey (ensemBle baBel, collapss, Christian Marclay, etc.)
Shawn Galvin (New Music Raleigh, NC Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony, etc.)
Bill McConaghy (MicroEast Collective, etc.)
David Menestres (leader of Polyorchard, Eugene Chadbourne, etc.)
Charles Phaneuf (hardest working man in showbiz)

On March 21, Polyorchard will be performing “An Answer to An Inquiry” based around a text of Agnes Martin.

The music begins at 8pm, every third Tuesday. The events are free and open to all.

Future dates in the series:
April 18
May 16
June 20
July 18
August 15

Chris Vitiello writing in IndyWeek: “The revolving, motley assortment of classical, jazz and rock musicians have played practically every kind of music in every possible configuration in almost every Triangle venue, emerging as a vital and wonderfully vexing force of the area’s sonic fringes.”


Allison Hussey’s Concert Preview in IndyWeek:

Much like taking a dip in a flowing river, you never take in the same Polyorchard show twice. Combining elements of free jazz, classical music, and whatever the hell else they feel like, Polyorchard is a free-form experimental music collective that challenges—and often outright transcends—boundaries of genre and style. The group went on an extended hiatus that began in the spring of 2015, when leader David Menestres decamped for a spell in New Mexico. Menestres has since returned and so, too, has Polyorchard. The group has long relied on a revolving roster of players, and this week’s iteration features Laurent Estoppey and Charles Phanheuf on saxophones, New Music Raleigh cofounder Shawn Galvin, and Menestres on bass. Tuesday night’s gathering is the first in a monthly series at The Carrack that runs through August.


The Carrack  947 E. Main St., Durham, NC 27701

Polyorchard’s first album “Color Theory in Black and White”

“Color Theory in Black and White” was #11 on IndyWeek’s 25 Best Albums of 2015
IndyWeek review of “Color Theory in Black and White”

Polyorchard performs “Between Know and Then” a tribute to Sun Ra on his 100th birthday

Polyorchard performs Terry Riley’s 1964 composition “In C” on the 50th anniversary of it’s premiere

Live recordings

Lovesphere 22

I will be taking part in the Lovesphere 22 event in Greensboro, NC on Friday March 17 7:30pm at Greensboro Project (219 Lewis Street). Read about it below:


Lovesphere 22 is the 22nd installment of a 67-year art festival that began in 1995 which takes place every year on the Spring Equinox.

Lovesphere is all about cross-pollinating generous and creating new audience experiences, and Lovesphere 22 will be pushing the envelope in new and innovative ways. GPS will be loaded with improvising musicians, each of whom carries a transistor radio. At 8pm, Lovesphere will broadcast a live solo musician—the great Laurent Estoppey— from WUAG-FM, and the musicians at GPS and across the world will accompany them. So, as one walks through the gallery, one can hear the same lead instrument with a constantly shifting rhythm section. Also, other musicians and groups can accompany from home or across the country, and we will later collect some of these recordings and mix them together—making it the largest recording studio ever created. Musicians include Ben Singer of Modern Robot, Dan Ruccia of Cyanotype, Vattel Cherry (the legend), Gwen Young of Knives of Spain, Gregory Miles Hoffman of Cenote, Sara Jane Mann of Van Reipen Collective and 1-0, and Andrew Beach. Also starring performance artist Lu Xu.

For more information, photos, recordings, etc. please contact Gary Heidt at of 336 897 7232.