tone science 201

1. Medicine Buddha – Billy Bang & William Parker – Medicine Buddha – 2014

2. Ouroboros (trio version 1) – John Zorn – Hen to Pen – 2015
3. Journal Violin Part Two – Barre Phillips – Journal Violin – 1968

4. Circulation – Lily Greenham – Lingual Music – 2007
5. Tracking Pierrot – Earle Brown/San Francisco Contemporary Music Players – Centering – 1998
6. Event: Synergy II (1967/68) 1. Version – Earle Brown/Ensemble Avantgarde – Synergy – 1995

7. Sunshower – Joe McPhee – The Vassar Sessions – 1970

8. Round About Nothing I – Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit – Erta Ale – 2015

originally broadcast March 29, 2015

tone science 200

1. 7 Consonants in Space – Lily Greenham – Lingual Music – 2007
2. 1-4 – Tod Dockstader – 8 Electronic Pieces – 1961

3. Not Seeing – James Falzone’s Renga Ensemble – The Room Is – 2015
4. Take 7b Flute & Bass – Thomas Buckner, Joëlle Léandre, Nicole Mitchell – Flowing Stream – 2014
5. Map #4 – Gianni Gebbia & Theresa Wong – Cello Meetings Vol. 2: Night Mapping – 2013
6. Listen to Me – Shane Perlowin & Jacob Wick – Objet a – 2014

7. Strategikon – Dave Rempis, Lasse Marhaug – Naancore – 2013
8. The Bridge – Andres Bosshard, Hans Anliker, David Gattiker, Conny Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Butch Morris, Phil Wachsmann, Doro Schurch, Daniel Mouthon, Jacques Widmer, Gunter Muller – Selected Soundscape No. 1: Klangbrücke Bern – A Sonic Architecture – 1990

9. Under Surface – Wacław Zimpel To Tu Orchestra – Nature Moves – 2014
10. From Within – Cecil McBee – Mutima – 1974
11. The Sign – Roger Turner, Otomo Yoshihide – The Last Train – 2015

12. Percussion=Voice – Lily Greenham – Lingual Music – 2007

originally broadcast March 22, 2015

Collapss + Polyorchard present COBRA: March 29 & April 3

Every society has rules that people deal with in different ways. What I basically create [in the game pieces] is a small society and everybody kind of finds their own position in that society. It really becomes, like, a psychodrama. It’s like scream therapy, or primal therapy. People are given power and it’s very interesting to see which people like to run with that power, which people run away from it [and] who are very docile and just do what they’re told [and those] who try very hard to get more control and more power. . . . It’s very much like the political arena, in a certain kind of a sense . . . [where performers] are having a little carrot dangled in front of them. And it’s interesting to see who tries to grab the carrot and who doesn’t. And a lot of times the people who try to grab the carrot, it’s pulled out of their hands by someone else in the band. So, it becomes kind of a scary, frightening thing to be in front of that band to see these people blossom and become the assholes that they really are.

-John Zorn speaking about Cobra to Derek Bailey




Collapss + Polyorchard present John Zorn’s Cobra:

March 29 at The Shed 8pm (807 E. Main St., Durham NC 27701)

April 3 at Empire Books in Greensboro at 7:30pm (1827 B Spring Garden St., Greensboro NC 27403)

Scheduled to be participating:
Carole Ott (voice) Tadeu Coelho (flute) Steve Stusek (saxophone) Nick Rich (guitar) Jonathan Wall (electronics) David Menestres (bass, objects) Jason Bivins (guitar) Dan Ruccia (viola) Bill McConaghy (trumpet) Christopher Robinson (saxophone) Charles Phaneuf (clarinet) Laurent Estoppey (Cobra Commander)

IndyWeek preview:

John Zorn’s Cobra is a sort of musical game. The composer becomes the conductor, leading an ensemble of varying sizes by holding up cue cards, making some gesture or movement, and commanding a subset of players to respond to the instructions. By design, it’s incredibly mutable, capable of shifting from atonal paroxysms to dreamy drones without any sense of logic. For this performance, Raleigh’s Polyorchard and Greensboro’s Collapss combine for a two-show tour, starting in Durham tonight but ending in the Gate City April 3rd. For maximum edification, see both, and understand just how flexible games can get. —Grayson Haver Currin


Kalmanovitch/Maneri & Erik Carlson



On March 17th there will be an excellent house show featuring three incredible musicians. Erik Carlson (International Contemporary Ensemble, Talea Ensemble, etc.) and the Kalmanovitch Maneri duo will be playing at the former Nordon Grocery Store at 719 Devereux St., Raleigh, NC 27605 (corner of Devereux & Gaston) at 8pm. We are incredibly lucky to have three world class musicians playing in one of the most beautiful homes in Raleigh. There will be a suggested donation of $10 at the door.

Facebook event page


Erik Carlson will be playing the first set and is expected to play works by Jürg Frey, Manfred Werder, and other composers. Kalmanovitch Maneri duo will be playing a fully improvised set starting around 9pm.


Special thanks to the Experimental Music Study Group for bringing Erik Carlson to town for a three day residency March 15-17. Check the EMSG Calendar for more information about Erik Carlson & R. Andrew Lee’s residency and sign up for the EMSG newsletter to be informed on future events.


Erik Carlson has performed as a soloist and with many chamber and orchestral ensembles throughout Europe and the Americas. He is a highly active performer of contemporary music and has had works written for him by numerous composers, including Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tom Johnson, Jürg Frey, and Georges Aperghis. Mr. Carlson is an enthusiastic proponent of interdisciplinary collaboration, and performs frequently with poets, dancers, actors, and film.

He is a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble and the Talea Ensemble and is the founder of the New York Miniaturist Ensemble. He has been featured on over a dozen recordings, including his own two recent albums of music for violin. Also a composer, he has had his musical compositions performed in a wide variety of venues. He studied violin with Jorja Fleezanis, Ronald Copes, and Robert Mann, and holds a Master’s degree from The Juilliard School. Mr. Carlson enjoys expensive bourbon and long walks on the beach.


About Kalmanovitch and Maneri

Praised for his high degree of individualism and a distinctive marriage of jazz and microtonal music, violist and violinist Mat Maneri has established an international reputation as one of the compelling artists of his generation. His recordings are widely acknowledged as among the most important developments in improvised music. Maneri lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at the New School.

Over the course of a 25-year career, violist, writer and ethnomusicologist Tanya Kalmanovitch has continually re-defined what a 21st century musician can be. She teaches in the Department of Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory, and is Coordinator of Entrepreneurship at Mannes College the New School for Music. Kalmanovitch lives in Brooklyn, NY.

About The Music

It can be difficult to write about what we do as improvisers. Perhaps it’s easier to explain it through a series of questions we’ve been asking, ourselves.

What is composition?

What is chamber music? Is it repertoire, or rather an approach to creative collaboration?

What is musical time? Is it linear? Cyclical?

What is jazz when you remove its canonized instrumentation and approach?

What are the essentials in the musical language we like to present?What are the styles and ideas that motivate us? Abstract art? Schumann lieder? Eliot Carter? How do we evoke these ideas without mimicry?

What do you call this music? Is it chamber music; is it jazz? Is it Mahler? Is it free improvisation?

It’s everything we love.

* * *

I’ve worked with Tanya Kalmanovitch on and off for ten years and, of course, our musicality together has strengthened in that time. That being said, our very first encounter was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Two violas (an unusual instrumentation) improvising with no genre or premeditation, producing fully realized gems. How was this possible? Sometimes I feel there’s a hint of magic in it, but the best definition I can come up with is ‘exponential experience’ – a kind of super-consciousness, rare in even the best of musical collaborations, that involves some sort of alchemical transformation into some element much richer and deeper than we could each find on our own.

In some ways, we’ve had very similar backgrounds: string players in the classical realm, both fighting our way into the jazz hierarchy, and both passionate about the extreme diversity in the music this world has to offer. We’ve also had many dis-similarities along the way, whether geographical (Tanya grew up in Alberta’s isolation, while I came of age in the environment of New England Conservatory), educational (Tanya studied at Juilliard, while I leaving the conservatory at 17 to work with the Joe Maneri Quartet) and gender (which was a big deal when we were coming up in through the jazz ranks). Through these differences and similarities, it was our hard-found empathy that allows for the shared, exponential experience that we are continuing to explore, fine tune, and share with others.

Mat Maneri, January 26, 2015

tone science 199

1. Condensation – Andres Bosshard, Hans Anliker, David Gattiker, Conny Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Butch Morris, Phil Wachsmann, Doro Schurch, Daniel Mouthon, Jacques Widmer, Gunter Muller – Selected Soundscape No. 1: Klangbrücke Bern – A Sonic Architecture – 1990

2. Zett – Ute Wassermann, Richard Barrett – Pollen – 2007
3. Phoné (1980-81) – John Chowning – Turenas · Stria · Phoné · Sabelithe – 1988
4. Vivente – non Vivente – Sofia Gubaidulina – Electroshock Presents Electroacoustic Music Volume IV • Archive Tapes Synthesizer ANS 1964-1971 – 1999

5. Primate Travel by Train – Luc Ex Assemblée – Assemblée – 2014
6. White Dirt – Daunik Lazro, Jean-François Pauvros, Roger Turner – Curare – 2011
7. Beckett (Sam) – Aaron Bennet, Jerome Bryerton, John Butcher, Danielle DeGruttola, Henry Kaiser, Damon Smith – Sextessense – A Tribute To John Stevens And The SME – 2006
8. Stereo Electronic Music No. 1 – Bulent Arel – Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center – 1961

9. songbirds – John Luther Adams/Callithumpian Consort – songbirds – 2012

originally broadcast March 8, 2015

tone science 198

1. Out Right Now – Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri – Out Right Now – 1995

2. The Woman Who Love to Make Ballisters Happy – Ballister – The Ballister Monologues – 2014
3. Slake – Nate Wooley, Dave Rempis, Pascal Niggenkemper & Chris Corsano – From Wolves to Whales – 2014

4. The Darn Squid – Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell – The Celestial Squid – 2015
5. Kayanda – Sekinomu – Opika Pende:Africa at 78 RPM – 2011
6. Five Etudes (1965) – Sofia Gubaidulina – Chamber Music With Double Bass – 2011

7. Cave and Basin – Myra Melford and Tanya Kalmanovitch – Heart Mountain – 2007
8. Analyse – Aki Takase & Roger Turner – Hotel Zauberg – 2015
9. Photic Zone – Lotte Anker, Jakob Riis – Squid Police – 2014
10. Fulcrum – John Russell & Roger Turner – The Second Sky – 2001
11. Salute Flying – Jessica Pavone – Knuckle Under – 2015

12. We Had a Vision – O’Death – Out Of Hands We Go – 2014
13. Getting Richer – Rev. Louis Overstreet – An Evening With Reverend Louis Overstreet – His Guitar, His Four Sons & The Congregation At St. Luke’s Powerhouse Church Of God In Christ – 1963

originally broadcast March 1, 2015

tone science 197

1. Astral Fluid on the Earth: Looking into the Universe/Emerging From the Cosmic Eternal – Cecil Taylor, William Parker, Masashi Harada – The Dance Project – 2008

3. Oliver Messiaen’s Morning Conjugal Death Waltz/The Queen is Always Pregnant – Susan Alcorn – Concentration – 2004
4. Heptane – Icepick – Hexane – 2014

5. Ebony Fantasy – William Parker Clarinet Trio – Bob’s Pink Cadillac – 2001

6. Glove Etiquette/Diamond Urge – Microkingdom – Smooth Tendencies – 2015

originally broadcast February 22, 2015

February 28: Polyorchard + Microkingdom


Polyorchard + Microkingdom will be playing a house show on Saturday February 28 at 719 Devereux St. (Raleigh, 27605). Show starts at 8pm with an $8-10 suggested donation at the door, cash only.

Polyorchard will be Jeb Bishop, Chris Eubank, Bill McConaghy, David Menestres, & Dan Ruccia.

Microkingdom will be on tour supporting their new album Smooth Tendencies, released by Friends Records on Valentine’s Day. Check out a recent live performance from Microkingdom:

And the new album