Michael Thomas Jackson – clarinet
David Menestres – double bass
Crowmeat Bob Pence – bass clarinet
Charles Phaneuf – clarinet
Dan Ruccia – viola

All music by Polyorchard.

Recorded by David Menestres 02.24.2018 with binaural equipment courtesy the estate of Dan Lilley.

Mastered by Andrew Weathers 03.2018.

Artwork from “trenches” by David Menestres, 12.2017.

A waveform alphabet production for Out and Gone Music.

Download as FLAC for high resolution 24/96 files.


Sammy Stein, writing for The Free Jazz Collective:

The CDs show how musicians who listen and want to explore can develop huge sounds – or small, delicate intricacies depending on what takes the moment. Both CDs have a dialect of their own but they are linked by that universal language – the desire to explore, challenge and make good free flowing music with spontaneity and intrigue. There is a sense of a tunnel into which the sounds are poured and what emerges the other end could be anything – or everything.

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