Black Mountain

All music by Polyorchard was written for and first performed at the 8th {Re}HAPPENING at Black Mountain College on March 31, 2018. This album is a studio recording of that music.

1. flux-im-mo-bi-lay/lie (in memoriam Merce Cunningham) – Michael Thomas Jackson
2. non-imaginary landscape – Laurent Estoppey
3. 1st Milarepa Gatha (1976) – Jackson Mac Low
4. palimpsest – Dan Ruccia
5. Dream Meditation 1:35PM 6/11/80 (1980) – Jackson Mac Low
6. signal under study for removal (for Liam O’Gallagher) – David Menestres
7. Free Gatha 1 (1978) – Jackson Mac Low
8. flux-im-mo-bi-lay/lie (in memoriam Merce Cunningham) – Michael Thomas Jackson

The CD version contains two exclusive remixes by David Menestres & Laurent Estoppey that are not available digitally.

Download as FLAC for high-resolution at 24/96.

releases March 20, 2019

Laurent Estoppey – saxophones
Michael Thomas Jackson – clarinet, radio
David Menestres – double bass, objects
Dan Ruccia – viola, piano

Binaural recording by David Menestres with equipment loaned by the estate of Dan Lilly.

Mastered by Andrew Weathers.

Cover image by Emily Leon.
Produced by David Menestres.

A waveform alphabet production for Out & Gone Music.
OG 010


Sammy Stein, writing for The Free Jazz Collective:

The CDs show how musicians who listen and want to explore can develop huge sounds – or small, delicate intricacies depending on what takes the moment. Both CDs have a dialect of their own but they are linked by that universal language – the desire to explore, challenge and make good free flowing music with spontaneity and intrigue. There is a sense of a tunnel into which the sounds are poured and what emerges the other end could be anything – or everything.

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