12/9: Cyanotype at The Carrack

On Tuesday December 9 Cyanotype will be at The Carrack in Durham presenting graphics scores from Tibet and the UK. With Dan RucciaLaurent Estoppey, Heidi Wait, & me. Doors at 8, music at 8:30. FREE!

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More from Dan:

This month’s edition of CARRACK FIT is all about graphic scores. Cyanotype will irreverently realize a few graphic scores from across the centuries, including a few pages from Cornelius Cardew’s epic “Treatise.” This month’s band will be Dan Ruccia (viola), Heidi Wait (flute), Laurent Estoppey (clarinet), and David Menestres (bass). Doors at 8, music at 8:30.

CARRACK FIT is a monthly musical free improvisation series at the Carrack in Durham, NC. It occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, curated by Dan Ruccia.

Polyorchard 10tet at Neptunes

Monday 10/20 is the third night of the Polyorchard October residency at Neptunes Parlour. This night will feature a large ensemble formation of Polyorchard with a focus on winds and brass. Performers include Jeb Bishop, Laurent Estoppey, David Jordan, Jamie Keesecker, Bill McConaghy, David Menestres, David Morris, Bob Pence, Chris Robinson, Carrie Shull. The program will include variations on Eva-Maria Houben’s von da nach da and a new tune of mine called More Birds in Rhyme (aka stupid bird songs).

9pm, $5 suggested donation at the door

polyorchard october neptunes

Carrack FIT 9/16

Dan Ruccia is spearheading a new monthly improv series at The Carrack in Durham. This month, the happiness occurs on 9/16 after which the madness will take place on the second Tuesday of the month.

From Dan:


The first in a continuing series of freely improvised music on Tuesdays at The Carrack Modern Art, curated by Dan Ruccia. This month’s show will include Dan Ruccia (viola), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Chris Eubank (cello), Jamie Keesecker (horn), David Menestres (bass), Chris Robinson (bari sax), and Carrie Shull. Free admission!


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Distemper at Conundrum

Distemper (Jeb Bishop, Dan Ruccia, and me) will be opening for the great Chicago clarinettist James Falzone on Friday September 12, 2014 at Conundrum Music Hall in Columbia, SC.

Before the show, there will be an improvisation workshop led by the four of us, open to any players of any skill level.

From Conundrum:

Jeb Bishop, James Falzone, Dan Ruccia, and David Menestres will conduct a workshop in free improv music before Friday night’s concert, from 7:00pm to 8:30. All instruments and all levels of proficiency are welcome! The workshop will cost $10, and all participants will get free admission to the 9pm concert.

James Falzone, Clarinet has dedicated a large part of his work, especially since 2011, to solo playing and the development of a long-form work he calls Sighs Too Deep For Words. His solo work is a synthesis of the improvised and the composed and often incorporates multiple clarinets (Bb, Eb, prepared), ritual and singing bowls/bells, shruti box, and other ambient sound makers. He has toured with his solo project extensively, often in conjunction with workshops and masterclasses on improvisation at universities, colleges, and music schools.

Distemper: Well-known to Columbia audiences, North Carolina-based musician Jeb Bishop has performed, toured and recorded with groups including the Vandermark Five, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls, Terminal Four,School Days, Ken Vandermark’s Territory Band, Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra, Globe Unity Orchestra, and his own Jeb Bishop Trio. He also co-led the Lucky 7s project with New Orleans-based trombonist Jeff Albert, and is a member of cooperative quartet The Engines.
Tonight he brings his NC friends David Menestres on bass and Dan Ruccia on viola.

Friday, September 12 2014
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

House Show 8/9

I’m playing a house show on Saturday August 9th that should be one of the more interesting shows in Raleigh this year. Three bands, $10 suggested donation, first band at 7pm. Contact me for the address.

Group 1: Albert Wildeman, Jeb Bishop, Dan Ruccia, Chris Eubank, David Menestres

Group 2: Albert Wildeman, Jeb Bishop, Scott Clark

Group 3: Steve Marquette, Marcello Benetti, Jeff Albert, Jesse Morrow

Video: New Directions in Appalachian Music

Video from Monday night’s New Directions in Appalachian Music performance has been posted by IndyWeek. They also wrote a great article about Eugene Chadbourne complete with quotes from your favorite jerk.



New Directions in Appalachian Music

chadbourne 2014

Following the the success of last summer’s Insect & Western Residency, Dr. Eugene Chadbourne has reassembled a band to reconstruct the past and alter your perceptions of what Appalachian Music can be. Featuring a slew of original Chadbourne compositions plus key compositions from the past (including music from Duke Ellington, Cyndi Lauper, Rick James, Joe Walsh, Captain Beefheart, and many more) this is music that will kick down your doors of perception and permanently alter your mind. Or at the very least you can have a beer and enjoy some weirdness.


The band includes a rotating cast of pranksters including:

Jeb Bishop

Dave Doyle

Chris Eubank

James Gilmore

David Menestres

Dan Ruccia

Carrie Shull

Ken Ray Wilemon

and other kooks


The party start at 8pm every Monday in July at Neptune’s Parlour in downtown Raleigh. $5.

IndyWeek blurbage:

Eugene Chadbourne’s foremost reputation is that of a wild-eyed experimentalist, a zany pied piper who plays electrified yard utensils and modifies guitars to pursue the outer limits of expression. But Chadbourne, who has lived in Greensboro for the last three decades, has lone worked from a core of tradition, rupturing the songs and forms he loves only in an endless quest to find new meanings and values for old music. Last year, for instance, he collaborated with a Brooklyn band on Merles Just Want to Have Fun, a vivid reimagining of Merle Haggard favorites. During this month-long residency of Mondays, Chadbourne will resurrect his New Directions in Appalachian Music project with a wide net or area improvisers. The songbook collects standards new and old, obvious and esoteric (Rick James, meet Duke Ellington; The Beatles, meet Joe Walsh) and attempts to rupture and then rebuild them one by one. Chadbourne is a bona fide American original, a pioneer of extreme crossover plundering and pillaging. This is a rare chance to watch a legend move at will. 8 p.m., $5 (suggested donation), kingsbarcade.com. — Grayson Haver Currin