Out and Gone Record Release Show in Greensboro

It is happening again! The second record release show for two of the three new albums on Out and Gone Music with a special performance from Microkingdom, our friends from Baltimore who are also on the road in support of their new album.

Polyorchard will be Aaron Bachelder, Jil Christensen, Laurent Estoppey, David Menestres, Chris Robinson, and Michael Thomas Jackson.

Polyorchard at Glenwood Books

Polyorchard plays a rare daylight gig at Glenwood Books in Greensboro (1212 Grove St.) on Saturday April 15 at 4pm, part of the Perciever of Sound League monthly series.

Polyorchard will be Laurent Estoppey, Bill McConaghy, David Menestres, Michael Thomas Jackson, and member of ensemBle baBel from Switzerland.


Lovesphere 22

I will be taking part in the Lovesphere 22 event in Greensboro, NC on Friday March 17 7:30pm at Greensboro Project (219 Lewis Street). Read about it below:


Lovesphere 22 is the 22nd installment of a 67-year art festival that began in 1995 which takes place every year on the Spring Equinox.

Lovesphere is all about cross-pollinating generous and creating new audience experiences, and Lovesphere 22 will be pushing the envelope in new and innovative ways. GPS will be loaded with improvising musicians, each of whom carries a transistor radio. At 8pm, Lovesphere will broadcast a live solo musician—the great Laurent Estoppey— from WUAG-FM, and the musicians at GPS and across the world will accompany them. So, as one walks through the gallery, one can hear the same lead instrument with a constantly shifting rhythm section. Also, other musicians and groups can accompany from home or across the country, and we will later collect some of these recordings and mix them together—making it the largest recording studio ever created. Musicians include Ben Singer of Modern Robot, Dan Ruccia of Cyanotype, Vattel Cherry (the legend), Gwen Young of Knives of Spain, Gregory Miles Hoffman of Cenote, Sara Jane Mann of Van Reipen Collective and 1-0, and Andrew Beach. Also starring performance artist Lu Xu.

For more information, photos, recordings, etc. please contact Gary Heidt at psl@lovesphere.net of 336 897 7232.




Collapss + Polyorchard present COBRA: March 29 & April 3

Every society has rules that people deal with in different ways. What I basically create [in the game pieces] is a small society and everybody kind of finds their own position in that society. It really becomes, like, a psychodrama. It’s like scream therapy, or primal therapy. People are given power and it’s very interesting to see which people like to run with that power, which people run away from it [and] who are very docile and just do what they’re told [and those] who try very hard to get more control and more power. . . . It’s very much like the political arena, in a certain kind of a sense . . . [where performers] are having a little carrot dangled in front of them. And it’s interesting to see who tries to grab the carrot and who doesn’t. And a lot of times the people who try to grab the carrot, it’s pulled out of their hands by someone else in the band. So, it becomes kind of a scary, frightening thing to be in front of that band to see these people blossom and become the assholes that they really are.

-John Zorn speaking about Cobra to Derek Bailey




Collapss + Polyorchard present John Zorn’s Cobra:

March 29 at The Shed 8pm (807 E. Main St., Durham NC 27701)

April 3 at Empire Books in Greensboro at 7:30pm (1827 B Spring Garden St., Greensboro NC 27403)

Scheduled to be participating:
Carole Ott (voice) Tadeu Coelho (flute) Steve Stusek (saxophone) Nick Rich (guitar) Jonathan Wall (electronics) David Menestres (bass, objects) Jason Bivins (guitar) Dan Ruccia (viola) Bill McConaghy (trumpet) Christopher Robinson (saxophone) Charles Phaneuf (clarinet) Laurent Estoppey (Cobra Commander)

IndyWeek preview:

John Zorn’s Cobra is a sort of musical game. The composer becomes the conductor, leading an ensemble of varying sizes by holding up cue cards, making some gesture or movement, and commanding a subset of players to respond to the instructions. By design, it’s incredibly mutable, capable of shifting from atonal paroxysms to dreamy drones without any sense of logic. For this performance, Raleigh’s Polyorchard and Greensboro’s Collapss combine for a two-show tour, starting in Durham tonight but ending in the Gate City April 3rd. For maximum edification, see both, and understand just how flexible games can get. —Grayson Haver Currin


Merely Chadmas


From the Doctor:

Saturday, December 27th

Mack and Mack’s
Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina

Eugene, Molly and Lizzie Chadbourne star in the first annual MERELY CHADMAS, which we guarantee has absolutely nothing do with Christmas but plenty to do with Doc Chad’s ever evolving musical relationship with his daughters.

The evening will be an overview of their past hits i.e. The Early Years but will also include highlights of Eugene and Molly’s recent appearances together onstage in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Guern and a selection of surprising cover
versions selected by Lizzie.

The evening will also celebrate the publication of Dreamory, Eugene’s autobiographical collection of dreams and diaries, finally available after decades of preparation. Copies of the book will be available for sale.

also featuring
David Doyle, Mandolin, French Horn and insanity

Jimmy Gilmore, Electric Guitar

David Menestres, Acoustic Bass

special guest! Sam Gingher, piano

New Directions in Greensboro 8/22

NDIAM 8:22:14

Hot on the heals of July’s residency in Raleigh, Dr. Eugene Chadbourne’s New Directions in Appalachian Music hits Friday August 22 at 8pm at Mack and Mack  in Greensboro. Expect EC originals as well as standards by Cyndi Lauper, John Prine, Duke Ellington, Melvina Reynolds, Ray Davies, Thelonious Monk, Willie Nelson, and many others. Or perhaps we’ll play none of that. Who knows?

You can check out some videos from July below



Chadsgiving 2013!

Chadsgiving is happening twice this year on 11/23 and 11/30 in Greensboro at Mack and Mack (and yes, it is in fact a lady’s clothing store) featuring Eugene Chadbourne, Dave Doyle, myself and others (including Jeb Bishop on 11/30). And we will be taking requests.

8 p.m.  both nights.
220 S Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27401

From the Doc:

This last minute and most likely ill-conceived set of concerts can be compared to director Luis Bunuel’s decision to replace departing actress Maria Schneider with two rather than one substitutes. The Nov. 23 date was originally a duo concert for Doc Chad and Tatsuya Nakatani, and in the quest to replace the remarkable percussionist, some musicians were found that were available on one date rather than the other and the same can be said for members of the proposed audience, all of which adds up to substantial evidence as to why Ms. Schneider’s name was dropped as a desperate measure to retain any kind of reader interest in the paragraph that just concluded.

Chadsgiving is above all a Thanksgiving for all the fine concert opportunities this year, of which Chadsgiving is last and at least close to home. The others have been March 8/Dirksmuide, Belgium; March 9/Stabroek,Belgium; March 10/Utrecht, Holland; March 12/Bremen, Germany; March 13/Hannover, Germany; March 14/Burghausen, Germany; March 15/Rosenheim, Germany; March 16/Burghausen Jazz Festival; March 17/Vienna, Austria; March 19/Graz, Austria; March 20/Ottensheim, Austria; March 20/Luzern, Switzerland; March 21/Basel, Switzerland; March 22/Biel, Switzerland; March 24/Geneve; Switzerland; March 25/Grenobles, France; March 27/Freiburg, Germany; March 29/Stuttgart, Germany; March 30/Brussels, Belgium; June 25/Calgary, Canada;  July 1,8, 15,22, 29/Raleigh, North Carolina;  October 22-24/Copenhagen, Denmark; October 28/New Haven, Connecticut; October 29, 30, 31 and November 1, 2, 3/New York City, New York; November 6/Columbia, South Carolina; November 7/Jacksonville, Florida; November 8/St. Petersburg, Florida; November 9/Miami, Florida; November 11/Orlando, Florida; November 13/Montgomery, Alabama; November 14; Atlanta, Georgia.

Chadsgiving November 23 will feature Doc Chad (Eugene Chadbourne) singing and playing guitars and banjo. Joining him will be David Doyle on mandolin and French horn and David Menestres on upright bass. This cast returns November 30 with the addition of trombonist Jeb Bishop. And needless to say like any holiday event there is no telling who else might suddenly show up.


The program will also feature solo and collaborative performances of new Doc Chad songs, selections from past repertoire and the ever evolving eugenically energized collection of cool cover versions!