IndyWeek Preview of New Directions in Appalachian Music

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Eugene Chadbourne’s foremost reputation is that of a wild-eyed experimentalist, a zany pied piper who plays electrified yard utensils and modifies guitars to pursue the outer limits of expression. But Chadbourne, who has lived in Greensboro for the last three decades, has lone worked from a core of tradition, rupturing the songs and forms he loves only in an endless quest to find new meanings and values for old music. Last year, for instance, he collaborated with a Brooklyn band on Merles Just Want to Have Fun, a vivid reimagining of Merle Haggard favorites. During this month-long residency of Mondays, Chadbourne will resurrect his New Directions in Appalachian Music project with a wide net or area improvisers. The songbook collects standards new and old, obvious and esoteric (Rick James, meet Duke Ellington; The Beatles, meet Joe Walsh) and attempts to rupture and then rebuild them one by one. Chadbourne is a bona fide American original, a pioneer of extreme crossover plundering and pillaging. This is a rare chance to watch a legend move at will. 8 p.m., $5 (suggested donation), — Grayson Haver Currin


New Directions in Appalachian Musics

New Directions in Appalachian Music

New Directions in Appalachian Musics


The madness that is Eugene Chadbourne returns to Neptune’s Parlour every Monday in July celebrating New Directions in Appalachian Music.


From the Doc:

Much of the same gang that convened last summer for the  Insect and Western series will be back for a focus not only on improvisation but country and western, rock and roll and my original songs — expect to see and hear David Doyle, David Menestres, Carrie Shull, Chris Eubank, Jeb Bishop and others.


Go to the Moral Monday protests and then come see us at 8pm.

Two videos from last summer’s residency performing selections from the Insect and Western series. Shot by Dan Schram.

Chadsgiving 2013!

Chadsgiving is happening twice this year on 11/23 and 11/30 in Greensboro at Mack and Mack (and yes, it is in fact a lady’s clothing store) featuring Eugene Chadbourne, Dave Doyle, myself and others (including Jeb Bishop on 11/30). And we will be taking requests.

8 p.m.  both nights.
220 S Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27401

From the Doc:

This last minute and most likely ill-conceived set of concerts can be compared to director Luis Bunuel’s decision to replace departing actress Maria Schneider with two rather than one substitutes. The Nov. 23 date was originally a duo concert for Doc Chad and Tatsuya Nakatani, and in the quest to replace the remarkable percussionist, some musicians were found that were available on one date rather than the other and the same can be said for members of the proposed audience, all of which adds up to substantial evidence as to why Ms. Schneider’s name was dropped as a desperate measure to retain any kind of reader interest in the paragraph that just concluded.

Chadsgiving is above all a Thanksgiving for all the fine concert opportunities this year, of which Chadsgiving is last and at least close to home. The others have been March 8/Dirksmuide, Belgium; March 9/Stabroek,Belgium; March 10/Utrecht, Holland; March 12/Bremen, Germany; March 13/Hannover, Germany; March 14/Burghausen, Germany; March 15/Rosenheim, Germany; March 16/Burghausen Jazz Festival; March 17/Vienna, Austria; March 19/Graz, Austria; March 20/Ottensheim, Austria; March 20/Luzern, Switzerland; March 21/Basel, Switzerland; March 22/Biel, Switzerland; March 24/Geneve; Switzerland; March 25/Grenobles, France; March 27/Freiburg, Germany; March 29/Stuttgart, Germany; March 30/Brussels, Belgium; June 25/Calgary, Canada;  July 1,8, 15,22, 29/Raleigh, North Carolina;  October 22-24/Copenhagen, Denmark; October 28/New Haven, Connecticut; October 29, 30, 31 and November 1, 2, 3/New York City, New York; November 6/Columbia, South Carolina; November 7/Jacksonville, Florida; November 8/St. Petersburg, Florida; November 9/Miami, Florida; November 11/Orlando, Florida; November 13/Montgomery, Alabama; November 14; Atlanta, Georgia.

Chadsgiving November 23 will feature Doc Chad (Eugene Chadbourne) singing and playing guitars and banjo. Joining him will be David Doyle on mandolin and French horn and David Menestres on upright bass. This cast returns November 30 with the addition of trombonist Jeb Bishop. And needless to say like any holiday event there is no telling who else might suddenly show up.


The program will also feature solo and collaborative performances of new Doc Chad songs, selections from past repertoire and the ever evolving eugenically energized collection of cool cover versions!

Insect and Western Party


designed by Lincoln Hancock  prints by AHPeele

From IndyWeek:

Blessed be the five Mondays of this July, as Neptune’s—the subterranean bar two floors down from Kings—puts a hold on its dance-club routine to welcome acid-trip improviser and open-to-all composer Eugene Chadbourne for a weekly residency. Oboist Carrie Shull, cellist Chris Eubank, bassist David Menestres and violist Dan Ruccia join Chadbourne to revisit pieces from his daunting and long-running Insect & Western series, in which the Doctor pulls various strands of jazz and rock music into a roots music framework in a musical attempt to illustrate the lives of insects. If you’re worried about the rest of the week paling in comparison, welcome to Chadbourne’s general aesthetic, where nothing ever sits still for very long and where no idea seems quite deliriously strange enough. —Grayson Currin

Insect and Western Party: Brood II

Dr. Eugene Chadbourne’s Insect and Western Party will be celebrating the arrival of the Cicadas every Monday in July at Neptune’s Parlour in downtown Raleigh (underneath Garland and King’s Barcade). The core band will be:

Eugene Chadbourne

Chris Eubank

David Menestres

Dan Ruccia

Carrie Shull

with special guests. The party starts at 8pm every Monday. All hail our cicada overlords!