David Menestres is a bassist, composer, and writer currently living in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. David is the founder/leader of the Polyorchard ensemble and is the host and producer of Tone Science, a weekly two-hour radio show on since 2010.

Jon Mueller once called David’s bass playing “disruptive.”

“Combining elements of free jazz, classical music, and whatever the hell else they feel like, Polyorchard is a free-form experimental music collective that challenges—and often outright transcends—boundaries of genre and style.” -Allison Hussey, Indy Week (March 15, 2017)

“The revolving, motley assortment of classical, jazz and rock musicians have played practically every kind of music in every possible configuration in almost every Triangle venue, emerging as a vital and wonderfully vexing force of the area’s sonic fringes.” -Chris Vitiello, IndyWeek (May 20, 2015)

Photo by Brandon Pierce

Photos my be used for media purposes if full credit is given to Brandon Pierce. Photos taken during the Polyorchard baBel performance at Glenwood Books in Greensboro, NC.



2015-03-17 IndyWeek Concert Preview by Allison Hussey

2015-12-23 IndyWeek The Triangles 25 Best Albums of 2015 by Grayson Haver Currin

2015-05-20 IndyWeek Arrivals, departures, and additions: Record review: Polyorchard’s Color Theory in Black and White by Chris Vitiello

2015-04-08 Triad City Beat Rules allow magic to happen during improv piece by Jordan Green

2015-03-25 IndyWeek Preview of Collapss + Polyorchard presents John Zorn’s Cobra at The Shed by Grayson Haver Currin

2014-10-29 IndyWeek Area improvisers revisit Terry Riley’s landmark In C by Chris Vitiello

2014-05-21 IndyWeek How Free Improv Bassist David Menestres Gets His Sound by Corbie Hill

2014-05-21 IndyWeek Freeform collective Polyorchard celebrates Sun Ra’s centennial by not playing his music by Corbie Hill

2013-12-30 IndyWeek Musicians>audience members: Polyorchard’s first anniversary concert by Will Robin

2013-12-18 IndyWeek Preview of Polyorchard, Baby Copperhead, Tegucigalpa show at the Nightlight by Will Robin


Partial Discography

2017: Polyorchard Red October (releases October 15, 2017 on Out and Gone Music)

2016: Quadrilatere Volume 3

2015: Polyorchard Color Theory in Black and White

2006: Gratkowski/Fox/Menestres/Davis ORM

2006: Ben Lee, Michael Collings, David Menestres, Ian Davis – the Scarf – Big Cream Records

2005: Michael Thomas Jacksonchronicles O.N.E: Free Improvised Chamber Music 2003-2004 – Primecuts Prime #41

2004: Dave Fox Group Gatewalk


With Eugene Chadbourne:

International Wonder of Weird Songbook (2017)

New Directions in Appalachian Music (2014)

Bugs: Insect and Western Party – The Neptune’s Parlour Series Volume One (2013)

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