Polyorchard on IndyWeek’s best of 2015 list

Polyorchard’s Color Theory in Black and White made IndyWeek’s list of the Triangle’s Best albums of 2015.

From Grayson Currin:

Polyorchard was born a collective. Founded by upright bassist David Menestres, the always-evolving, forever-improvising ensemble could sprawl into a big lineup or shrink into modest formats. For Polyorchard’s debut, Menestres anchored two distinct trios—a “Black” trio with viola and cello and a “White” trio with trombone and saxophone. The string-based group is more prone to dig deep into ideas, as when they explore every millimeter of a textural drone late in “Black 1.” With horns, though, Menestres’ crew grows only more conversant and communicative. “White 4,” for instance, is a low and slow fireside circle, while “White 5” suggests a gaggle of chattering birds, sending signals to one another across an otherwise blank space.

Read the full list here.

Buy/stream the album in full here.


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