tone science 177

1. Nag Mahesh Ay – Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs – The Clouds Turn SIlver – 2014

2. Hommage – Henri Texier – Amir – 1976
3. matters – Tashi Dorji – Blue Twelve – 2014
4. Nostalgia of the Southern Cross (1976) – Peter Garland/Aki Takahashi – The Days Run Away – 2000

5. Realization B 7 April 1993 19.36-1956 – Eberhard Blum/Karlheinz Stockhausen – Spiral – 1994
6. Spring of Chosroes – Morton Feldman/Paul Zufkosky, Ursula Oppens – Violin Sonata, Spring of Chosroes – 1991

7. Machu Picchu – By Any Means – Live At Crescendo – 2008
8. Search – Bruise – Bruise with Derek Bailey – 2004

9. The Inevitable – Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble – Intergalactic Beings – 2014
10. Marionette – Lennie Tristano – Live in New York – 1949

originally broadcast September 7, 2014

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