IndyWeek Preview of New Directions in Appalachian Music

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Eugene Chadbourne’s foremost reputation is that of a wild-eyed experimentalist, a zany pied piper who plays electrified yard utensils and modifies guitars to pursue the outer limits of expression. But Chadbourne, who has lived in Greensboro for the last three decades, has lone worked from a core of tradition, rupturing the songs and forms he loves only in an endless quest to find new meanings and values for old music. Last year, for instance, he collaborated with a Brooklyn band on Merles Just Want to Have Fun, a vivid reimagining of Merle Haggard favorites. During this month-long residency of Mondays, Chadbourne will resurrect his New Directions in Appalachian Music project with a wide net or area improvisers. The songbook collects standards new and old, obvious and esoteric (Rick James, meet Duke Ellington; The Beatles, meet Joe Walsh) and attempts to rupture and then rebuild them one by one. Chadbourne is a bona fide American original, a pioneer of extreme crossover plundering and pillaging. This is a rare chance to watch a legend move at will. 8 p.m., $5 (suggested donation), — Grayson Haver Currin


New Directions in Appalachian Musics

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