Tatsuya Naktani & Shane Perlowin 11/16

Tatsuya Naktani & Shane Perlowin will be playing 11/16 at Fellowship Hall in Durham (719 N. Mangum Street). Dan Ruccia‘s Cyanotype will be opening (with whom I will be playing).

9pm $8-10 Facebook event page

IndyWeek preview:

Shane Perlowin is the guitar player from the wonderful and scrupulous Asheville instro-rock band Ahleuchatistas. Based in Pennsylvania, percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani animates a world of chimes, gongs, bells and snares, constructing widescreen and incredibly detailed soundscapes with his drum kit. Their debut duo record, Anatomy of a Moment, is a study in finesse and attentiveness, with two masterful players sidestepping egos to listen instead for relationships. With Cyanotype. SATURDAY, NOV. 16, AT FELLOWSHIP HALL. $8–$10/9 p.m

Hear the title track from Tatsuya & Shane’s new album releasing this month on New Atlantis Records/Nakatani-Kobo.



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