Polyorchard & Baby Copperhead

We’ll be celebrating Polyorchard’s first anniversary at the Nightlight on December 19th with my good friend Baby Copperhead and Tegucigalpan. Baby Copperhead put out an excellent new album this year that you should definitely go buy. Joining me in Polyorchard will be Jeb Bishop, Dan Ruccia, Chris Eubank, Sara Bloo, Jamie Keesecker, Jason Bivins, and other kookie kids.


From IndyWeek:

This has been a good year for free improvisation in the Triangle. Legendary trombonist Jeb Bishop has landed in the area, and improviser Eugene Chadbourne hosted a month-long residency at Neptune’s last summer. But the highlight of this tiny yet vibrant scene has been the collective Polyorchard, which celebrates its one-year anniversary this week. The ensemble may be young, but it includes longstanding improvisers in its ranks—Bishop, bassist (and Polyorchard founder) David Menestres, cellist Chris Eubank, composer and violist Dan Ruccia, only by way of example.

Polyorchard has taken many forms, from intimate, unamplified string trio to a cacophonous group featuring Japanese noise pioneer Merzbow. Their music is often severe but always intriguing, conceived fully in the moment. There are no rehearsals nor any pre-performance planning; Menestres and company just show up and play, responding to one another’s sounds in real time.A bonus is the recent addition of eclectic vocalist Sara Bloo, who creates magical effects by singing into bowls (yes, bowls). Experimental banjo player Baby Copperhead and Tegucigalpan, a new solo project from Waumiss and Kingsbury Manx member Clarque Blomquist, are also on the bill. —William Robin

polyorchard:babycopperhead at nightlight


9:30pm $5/$7

event page for those on the evil facebook

Baby Copperhead’s The Bee Song (with Brent Arnold, Jessica Pavone, Tom Swafford)

Tegucigalpan at Fellowship Hall in Durham 22 July 2013




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