Insect & Western Party Hits the Trail

Thanks to everyone who supported the trials and tribulations of the Insect & Western Party residency at Neptune’s Parlour this summer. This list is probably not anywhere near complete but here it is:

Paul, Cheetie, and everyone else at Neptune’s.

Lincoln Hancock for the excellent poster design (holler at me if you are interested in a poster, still have a few left).

The band: Eugene Chadbourne, Jeb Bishop, Dave Doyle, Chris Eubank, Dan Ruccia, Carrie Shull, and me.

Dan Schram and Jeb Bishop for the recordings.

The audience!

And everyone who helped spread the word.

The Insect & Western Party Live at Neptune’s is available for purchase from Eugene Chadbourne in his custom hand made packaging (fly swatters and insects probably not included). “Bugs” produced July 27, 2013 on the occasion of Bugs Bunny’s 73rd birthday.

Check out a couple of videos from July 15th here.


Now we just need to find someone to give it a proper vinyl release.

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