August 18 – Tom Carter Benefit at Nightlight

I’ll be playing a set August 18th at the Tom Carter benefit at Nightlight in Chapel Hill. More details to come soon.


For those of you that don’t know, Tom Carter came down with a serious case of pneumonia while on tour in Europe with Charalambides. After spending weeks in a medically induced coma, he is facing many more weeks of recovery time before doctors will let him leave Germany to fly home for further recouperation. More information is available here. Please help out either by organizing or attending any of the world-wide benefit shows, by donating to The Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust, or by buying his music through any of the labels/shops that are donating sales such as Three Lobed, Important Records, Volcanic Tongue and many more.


If you don’t know the music of Tom Carter, you can check out examples on past episodes of my radio show. Search under Tom Carter, Charlambides, or Spiderwebs.

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